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I have started a podcast with Dr. Dylan Selterman (@SelterMosby) where we have science-based discussions about important topics, issues, and problems in society and what we can do to make them better. Find us on Apple, Spotify, or any other major podcast platform.

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Episode 11. How we think about racial inequality (with Michael Kraus) A Bit More Complicated

We welcome Dr. Michael Kraus to the podcast to talk about his research on the psychology of racial inequality. We discuss the fact that people can't solve a problem if they don't know it exists, and strategies to help people see the ways in which inequality manifests. We also talk a bit about sports and research on physical touch in basketball (Dr. Kraus is a Warriors fan).  Episode 2 featuring Dr. Kraus's research Manny’s blog article outlining the many forms of racial inequality in the US People misperceive racial inequality Black-White wealth inequality Misperception of the Black-White income gap Neighborhoods and perception of inequality Perceptions of economic equality Interventions to reduce misperceptions Misperception of racial progress Narratives and DEI Teammate touching in the NBA Image by Michael Reichelt from Pixabay
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