“Grooming” discourse will make sex abuse prevention harder

Conservatives have started calling their political opponents “groomers.” This term is shorthand for an accusation of sexualizing children or grooming them for sexual advances. The term has been used by online extremists since at least last year, but it has gone mainstream more recently as conservative writers have started using the term to defend Florida’s … Continue reading “Grooming” discourse will make sex abuse prevention harder

Unlearning the Learning Styles Myth

Belief in “learning styles” is widespread despite there being no compelling scientific evidence for the theory. Read more on the problems with learning styles, how widespread beliefs in learning styles are, and why these beliefs persists. Are you a visual learner? You know, someone who needs to see a diagram or picture to really learn something. Or … Continue reading Unlearning the Learning Styles Myth

Symmetrical Politics, Asymmetrical Marginalization

Similar tendencies on the political left and right have different consequences on marginalized communities. This article is written by Manuel Galvan and Dr. Jake Womick Are liberalism and conservatism associated with unique psychological tendencies and behaviors? Or are the extreme left and right mirror images of each other? The political psychology literature sometimes characterizes this question … Continue reading Symmetrical Politics, Asymmetrical Marginalization


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Hi, I’m Manuel Galvan. I am a doctoral psychology student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I study how psychological forces maintain and exacerbate economic and racial inequality. I am also interested in sharing a science-based perspective on problems that we face in society.

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